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ReadyCloud Server

Enterprise cloud Pure-SSD platform
powerful, redundancy on infrastructure ReadyCloud
fully-managed scalable and customizable
the best way for your business.

Cloud Server Features
Powerful on Your Business

Cloud server that will help your business growing continuously by the most efficiency systems.
Even if your hardware have been damaged your business will still going uninterrupted.
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  • Mornitor
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  • Mornitor
Deploy Faster.
Build a cloud quickly. The status bar is displayed during the creation, and the wait is not too long. It can be used immediately by remote, or using the console on the Infrastructure Ready Cloud, which has maximum stability.
Select Resources as Needed.
Flexible cloud resources for customers who want to select the CPU, Memory, or Disk resources according to the required amount, based on a reasonable pricing and good quality. A constantly updated OS template is also available for selection.
Ready to Use.
After completion of the cloud creation, customers can access immediately by a remote desktop.
connection, secure shell, as well as a SSH-Key for Linux-based systems, which provides more increased security for customers.
Manage the Cloud within a Single Portal.
Our system has a single cloud management interface which users can reboot, shutdown, upgrade resources, install OS, manage firewall rules, monitor utilization, as well as, manage billing.
Increase or Reduce Resources Easily.
Ability to easily increase or reduce resources on each account or customers\' instances as needed. The billing system will then automatically calculate the cost. This is suitable for customers who need to speed up and reduce the contact process of all related parties.
High Availabillity
With its Infrastructure Ready Cloud system, it is designed to utilize several server applications running simultaneously, in order to be ready to replace any device that has stopped working. This remarkable feature will keep your business moving forward continuously without any interruptions.
Distribute Storage Pure-SSD
No worry concerns regarding the performance IOPS. We have a distributed design that utilizes Solid State Drives (SSD) for maximum readability and redundancy by keeping more than 2 copies of the data.
Daily Backup
Another prominent feature that will keep your business running continuously is the data backup system that can store up to 3 days worth of data on the cloud. Customers are also able to conduct there own backups manually.
***OS Windows Full Backup***
Supports Up to 10 Gbps.
High speed connection by 10Gbps fiber optics, with a redundant network connecting all components. The system fully supports and guarantees 10 GB of usability, giving our customers the assurance on the system\'s security and speed.
24/7/365 NOC
Ready Cloud not only provide cloud services, but also has its own data center located at Muang
Thong Thani, with NOC providing support and information 24 hours a day.
Real-time Utilization
On the cloud management page, it features an easy-to-use user interface for CPU, memory, and disk IOPS monitoring. There is no need to install any additional software monitoring inside the system anymore.
Private Network & Bandwidth International
Supported private network additional security for customer easily managed on the portal page and bandwidth international pool 150Mbps shared for Ready Cloud

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