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READY IDC with own building located in the area of Muang Thong Thani Bond Street road., That close to Muang thong Lake. Designed under the concept save energy & protect environment according to international standards. We have connection to the high speed internet from the service provider internet gateways including CAT, TOT, TRUE, JASTEL, DTAC and AIS with a highly stable network which suitable for a diverse digital technology business in which the organizations has its own server but does not have space to reduce the cost and also Ready IDC have expert technician Engineer network and System Admin for the best support in your business needs growth.


READY IDC has designed the network infrastructure by experts who are certified by Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) from CISCO. All network equipment in the internet data center use standards equipment from CISCO to ensure the quality and stability of the system. Our network Gateway connection from many routers and we have Disaster Recovery Site (DR-Site) at JASTEL & CAT Nonthaburi. Our domestic Bandwidth is 400 Gbps & International Bandwidth 2 Gbps if there is issue or problem in the connection between one of the lines. We ensure that it will not have any effect for your business and we have our staff that provide network services 24 hours a day.


READY IDC Data Center, which has its own building, 2 power generator supply system, which if power failure, we can switch automatically Immediately afterwards. As our generator that meets international standards which has a 1,000liter fuel can be reserve sufficient up to 5 days of use. Ready IDC use internationals standards UPS power supplies from EMERSON and VICTRON 120 KVA that can support backup electricity during full access use for up to 30 minutes. which a technical service to check daily as automation rest assured that make your business can run continuously.



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