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Our cloud storage offers 25 GB file storage for free. Our cloud storage facilities are compatible with all devices including desktop, mobile and web interfaces. The storage can be accessed from everywhere which is quick and convenient. Start using the cloud service today can help you free up the file storage space on any devices for up to 25 GB and more cloud storage space can also be increased as needed in the future.
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R-Drive has been created particularly for a corporate use. It fulfills corporate clients’ needs to organize documents in various ways and templates such as creating sub-groups for each department, editing documents online, sharing working documents within the corporate workspace, using group calendar and address book. The drive can work with all Microsoft Office documents where users can encrypt electronic files with a specific access passcode.
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Free Space 25 GB

First timers will receive free 25 GB storage for documents and backup files.

Location in Thailand

The R-Drive location site is in Thailand. Therefore, customers can rest assured that data transmission rate are higher compared to using the storage facilities located offshore.

Two-Factor Authentication

R-Drive is compatible with the Google’s two-factor authentication, strengthening the security for any account.

RDrive Files


R-Drive supports any file type storage including Microsoft Office, PDF, Image, Video, Text, Zip and many more. The drive allows users to upload a large file with the size of up to 5GB. Users can activate an auto-upload function to get the photos and videos on the mobile applications automatically uploaded onto the drive, freeing up an internal storage of individual devices. The R-Drive is friendly to both personal and corporate users. The R-Drive is also connectable to Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Powerful Search, which makes the document search doable in an easier way.


Ultimate Protection

We take the security issue of documents and files stored on R-Drive seriously. The end-to-end encryption and file access control system will take effect to control any document uploading process, type of document uploaded as well as password set up for the folders and documents access when sharing the links to those folders and documents.



Users can easily access the calendar, contacts, and webmail through the R-Drive Groupware comprehensive one stop service. The platform enables users to create a calendar item for tasks and meetings with a sharing function. The users are also able to connect the platform’s calendar to an external calendar using WebCal. In addition, the address books can be created for a team’s internal use or sharing to other department units. The platform also allows synchronization of contacts to individual mobile phones and other individual personal devices.


It is an online storage for users’ online data which can be accessed from anywhere via HTTPs, App, PC/Tablet. The storage access is secured by 2FA authentication. The size of storage starts from 25 GB, which is free-of-charge throughout the service term.

The Ready File Storage Online works for several types of files, including Microsoft Office, PDF, Image Video, Text, Zip etc.

Users of the personal package can store and share files with other users. For a collaboration package, the users can also grant permission, create groups, create user accounts by themselves etc.
Ready Storage Online allows users to create a drive map and folders which can be shared through our system’s HTTPs using a username and password that user received from the mapping.
Ready Storage Online does not limit an upload speed. The maximum file size for uploading is 5 GB per file, and the uploading speed from local sites (within Thailand) can reach the maximum speed.
ReadyIDC’s staff members are available throughout 24 hours a day without any day off to handle any questions and requests from our customers.

Yes, both Android and IOS devices are compatible with the online Cloud Storage. The system also comes with the auto-sync function which enables the uploading of various files to be stored on the Ready File Storage.

Absolutely. users can set a notification for the date and time and connect CalDAV to the mobile phone.

You can contact or create a troubleshooting ticket on ReadyIDC.

In case where the user forgets or chooses not to renew the service, the data files stored will be suspended for access temporarily. The user can request us to remove the stored data or renew the service subscription at

Remark: In case where no payment for renewal has been made or we have not heard back from the user for more than 30 days, ReadyIDC will terminate the user’s cloud file storage account, including the data kept under that account will be irreversibly deleted and unrestorable.

The Ready File Storage Online is compatible with mobile devices, personal computers, Mac OS, Tablet and Android OS.

The Storage can handle the files of any sizes and with any resolutions.

Absolutely. Users can share any files through email or Ready Cloud ID or Federatio.

Ready File Storage Online offers a service extension to Calendar, Quick note and Gallery Mode for the personal package. Other extensions and plugins are available as part of the collaboration package.

ReadyIDC provides solutions for clients to build their own storage space with consultation and support from our specialists. The storage size is adjustable to suit each user’s need.

Ready IDC : Service 24 Hour

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