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VPS For Business

If you are looking for a VPS that will run your business. We are the Best service providers.

Hardware Enterprise

We choose Cisco UCS Enterprise server with Raid Protection that can work the most efficiently.


Veeam Backup Daily can go back up to 7 days without charge. If a problem occurs, you can request to restore immediately.


We have all domestic connecting bandwidth of 400Gbps and Bandwidth International for VPS for Business 70Mbps shared.

Service 24 Hr.

We are service providers that have our own DATA CENTER and There is a Support Officer 24 Hr. For taking care of all customers.

Linux VPS SSD Package

2 CPU Core

100 GB Disk Space


1 IP Address

1 Gbps Shared


3 CPU Core

200 GB Disk Space


1 IP Address

1 Gbps Shared


4 CPU Core

400 GB Disk Space


1 IP Address

1 Gbps Shared


5 CPU Core

500 GB Disk Space


1 IP Address

1 Gbps Shared


6 CPU Core

600 GB Disk Space


1 IP Address

1 Gbps Shared


8 CPU Core

700 GB Disk Space


1 IP Address

1 Gbps Shared


VPS for Business

Virtual Private Server service in Thailand That is used to operate the client's business efficiently.

What's VPS ?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is also known as a virtual server. Basically, it is run under 1 physical server. Which has Software (Hypervisor) under it. There are many leading Hypervisor software that are available such as VMWare vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix, KVM and others as well known. Widely, presented. Because it can reduce the cost of investing in a large server for annual maintenance fees, thus making Virtualization That meets the needs of customers who want flexibility and easy to use.

Why VPS for Business (Why VPS for Business?)

ReadyIDC has been a hosting provider for more than 10 years. Basically, ReadyIDC has many products for customers to choose from such as Domain, Hosting, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated Server and Co-location r managing the data yourself according customer needs and privacy, allowing VPS for Business to be more responsive for the customers. There are templates to choose from, Windows Server, Linux and others as per the customer's wishes. ReadyIDC systems are based on Cisco UCS Enterprise servers with Raid. protection that prevents disk damage. This system is suitable for Web / Dev, Forex, Hosting or used as storage. Based on these foundations, the client's business can operate continuously. Plus we have our backup that support incase customer having issue that can be restore in time.

Free Backup Daily (Retention 7 days)

VPS for Business, aside from Raid Protection, also offers one step back up for customers. This eliminates the worries about data corruption or virus infection such as ransomware and others. it can recover data up to 7 days. The backup is a Image files that backup for every day from midnight onwards. If the customer wants to retrieve the information, they can contact the service department at Email: support@readyidc.com 24 hours a day.

The service fee does not include 7% VAT.

The company reserves the right to change service fees without prior notice.

Additional services

Firewall DDoS Protection 500 Bath / Month

Add Additional 1 Public IP 100 Bath / Month

Add Control Panel DirectAdmin, Unlimited Domain 200 บาท / Month

Dedicated Bandwidth International (International connection) Contact Sales

SSL Certificate Order Now

Install the program according to customer needs Contact Sales

Professional Support Service Contact Sales


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